DEATHGRIP is a scifi combat-racer focused on exhilarating speeds and challenging tracks. 

Brian "Fifthhorseman"



Hank "CoffeeSPILLER"



Will there be support on other platforms (Steamdeck, Switch, consoles)?

The Steam PC release will come first. We'll be looking at others platforms after Early Access and once the game has been optimized and finalized. This could be a year or longer after entering Early Access. 

Will you support Mac/Linux?

Later down the line we will take a look at official support for both. 

Will this be on other stores as well (Epic, Humble, etc.)?

For now, only Steam. 

Will there be VR support? 

In some capacity, yes. At minimum, we'll have cams. Can't promise controller (or full-time VR) support at this time. 

Will there be mod support?

We'd like to explore this later on. It's likely this will be a considerable undertaking, but we're definitely open to it.

Will there be multiplayer?

Yes, online, up to 8 players using Steam's servers. 

Will you be supporting other controllers such as wheels, HOTAS/HOSAS, etc?

Only MKB/Gamepads officially, for now. We're going to hold off on the more uncommon controllers and circle back later during Early Access. For those asking about controlling both engines with dual sticks, we'll be taking a look at that as well. 

Can I support you in other ways?

You can support us monetarily through buymeacoffee and just by spreading the word :) 

Are you looking for [enter talent here]?

Please email